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The Closest Thing To Mind Reading
You Can Get!
Joey Yap's Mian Xiang Mastery 1:
Face Reading
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Your New Secret Weapon

Can Your Competitors
Read Your Thoughts?


How would you like to read theirs. It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul: they are also a window into the thoughts. When you study the science of Face Reading (Mian Xiang), you will learn that the face betrays even the most well kept secrets to those who know where to look. Learn how to decode the hidden messages that every face holds.

We'll show you how to accurately calculate the strengths and weaknesses of your rival or potential business partner while simply shaking hands with them. What you do with this information is up to you!

Your chance to learn how to Face Read before your competitors do is here.

Get an unfair advantage over everyone else in the room.

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10 Ways Face Reading Enhances Your Life

The benefits of Face Reading are numerous and varied. Face Reading takes you beyond mere empathy and intuition - you will be able to come to decisions about others using a finely tuned, concrete system. The ability to accurately weigh up others - to detect talent and worth or deceit and insincerity - is vital for success in all aspects of life. Don't be made a fool of ever again!


Become A People Person

Face Reading becomes second nature very quickly. With practice, you will be able to swiftly and decisively figure out the personalities of those around you from little more than a subtle glance at their face. The most successful businessmen and romantic figures understand the personalities, needs and pitfalls of others and interact with them accordingly. Perfect your interactions with those around you and let the benefits pour into your life.


See Strengths & Weaknesses, Hidden To Everyone Else

We all have our own character, strength and weaknesses. Figuring out where the weaknesses and strengths of others lie is usually a time consuming prospect; after all, how can you know how a person is truly composed until you have observed them for a long period of time? The problem is that by the time we realise someone may not live up to our expectations a lot of time, money or heart has already been invested in them. No longer! Calculate and leverage the strengths of those at your workplace and uncover their motivations so you can really speak to them and get them on your page, doing what you need them to. You can even capitalise on the weaknesses or deficiencies of your competitors whilst they learn nothing about you in return. A wealth of information in your hands only, thanks to the teachings of Mian Xiang.


Navigate Emotional Minefields

A good leader improves the lives of those around them and in turn commands respect, loyalty and even affection. Take note of the feelings of others and then help them deal with problems and negative emotions. Emotions affect work, relationships - productivity, morale and the bottom line. It is in your best interests to help those you deal with to cope with their issues and lead better lives.


IQ Test

You can tell how intelligent someone is from their face! The intelligent are worth their weight in gold. They make superior workers and managers and contribute more, more often. Research has shown that partners of matched intelligence have a superior chance of staying together, too! A CV can be forged, but the human face gives away all the secrets of the mind - there is simply no faster gauge of IQ. Pick the very best from the crowd with ease.


How High Can Others Go?

Not everyone is destined to reach the top. We all have an innate wealth potential which can be read from the face; if you now where to look. You can pick those who truly have success down from those who simply brag about themselves and their chances. Separate the time wasters from the worthy when pursuing and closing high end deals and take the fastest, smoothest elevator ride to the top!


Get The Best People On Your Side

The people around you make or break projects. They determine whether you sink or swim. You need to be surrounded by determined, talented individuals of the finest calibre who have a real desire to help you bring your dreams to life. Face Reading is the secret intelligence gathering tool that will let you seek out and collect these rare, sought after people for your team in the easiest way. Don't take blind chances on who you surround yourself with.


Avoid Fraud

Police use the startlingly accurate art and science of Face Reading during their investigations to help them identify criminals and crooks. Now you, too, can predict possibilities for fraud and avoid those with the potential to do you harm in your work and social environment. Be alert.


Detect Insincerity When The Chips Are Down

Relationships can be tough. Feelings of doubt and insecurities can ruin even the most beautiful relationship. Equally, we can be heart broken by the insincerity of a partner. When you become adept at Face Reading, you will gain the ability to spot lies and intentions so that when something is wrong, you are the first to know about it. Knowing exactly where you stand with your partner at all times also means that when the good times really are flowing you can enjoy them with absolute peace of mind and security. Become instinctively aware of your partners needs to that you can fulfil them completely. Face Reading is the next best thing to mind reading for those in a relationship they wish to honour.


No Conflict

Nobody wants conflict in their home or marriage, yet conflict arises more often than anyone would like from a lack of communication and understanding. More fully understanding the nature of your spouse or family member will help you dodge conflict triggers and integrate better. Every spouse and every interpersonal relationship is different so no single approach will "fix all". Learn how to correctly deal with each cherished person in your life for maximum benefit and you may find that your relationships reach a new level of intimacy and strength. Never argue again.


Delegate With Certainty

Most business owners would agree that delegation can sometimes turn out to be more time consuming and frustrating as those chosen are unable or unwilling to correctly perform tasks assigned to them. As the old saying goes; "if you want something done right, do it yourself." There are, however, always people capable of taking a task you assign and completing it, to an excellent standard, with initiative and pride. Find these crucial people and see your productivity soar as you outsource tasks both menial and important knowing they will be completed correctly, giving you more free time to focus on the things that matter to you. Spot the bad apples long before you trust them with your workload.

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